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Lars Sternberg – Loam Ranger

Back in the spring I spent a week down in Bellingham with the legendary Lars n’ Bars aka Lars Sternberg. It was productive, we managed to hammer out two videos: the Fox 36 ‘moto’ edit, and this one. Lars is without a doubt one of my alltime favourite riders to watch. He’s somehow loose and precise, the bicycle riding equivalent of a chainsaw with scalpel blades. This was one of the most visually stunning (and fun to ride) trails I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to make another trip down there.

FOX – Lars Sternberg Getting His Braaap On

Lars Sternberg is one of my favourite riders to watch, his style is so fast and aggressive it looks like he has a motor. Maybe that’s why FOX thought he’d be the perfect athlete to showcase their new fork, the 2014 FOX 36. The goal for this video was to highlight the new fork and FOX’s motocross heritage in a unique way: FOX asked me to add in audio from a two-stroke dirt bike. It’s the sound some riders imagine when they’re hitting a sweet corner, and hopefully it reminds viewers of their childhood (and sticking hockey cards in their spokes).