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Lars Sternberg – Loam Ranger

Back in the spring I spent a week down in Bellingham with the legendary Lars n’ Bars aka Lars Sternberg. It was productive, we managed to hammer out two videos: the Fox 36 ‘moto’ edit, and this one. Lars is without a doubt one of my alltime favourite riders to watch. He’s somehow loose and precise, the bicycle riding equivalent of a chainsaw with scalpel blades. This was one of the most visually stunning (and fun to ride) trails I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to make another trip down there.

Trek – C3 Riders in Taxco

Recently, Trek asked me to edit two videos from the C3 Team’s trip to race the Down Taxco Urban Downhill event in Mexico. The course looked rowdy, the riders had fun, and the tacos looked delicious, hopefully this video gives you a glimpse into the chaos that is urban racing.


I’ve been filming mountain bikes for five years now. During that time I’ve shot on a variety of cameras in a number of formats, from Mini DV tape on the Canon HV30 to 5K r3d. RAW on the Red Epic. I’ve finally bought my first pro video camera: the Sony FS700. It’s an amazing piece of gear.

I’ve also joined Instagram: scott_secco


You’ll be able to follow my filmmaking adventures here on my blog and on Instagram in photographic form.

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My new camera: the Sony FS700.  I can't wait to start playing in the woods with it.

My new camera: the Sony FS700. I can’t wait to start playing in the woods with it.